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4 Winter Maintenance Checks for Your Loader

Get the job done this winter with the loader. Loaders come in a variety of sizes for projects big and small, and are available in a both compact and heavy equipment models. Maintenance is crucial to ensuring your wheel loader, compact skid steer, or track loader can perform its best all season long.

Perform these 4 maintenance checks to prepare your loader for the winter:

Check our Battery.

    • Perform a load test on your battery before winter hits. To ensure your battery is working at peak power and performance, make sure it’s fully charged. Finally, check for signs of corrosion or wear.

Check our Fluids.

    • The fluid needs of your loader changes when temperatures drop. Fill your fluids, oils and fuels to their appropriate levels. Ensure your engine oil has the correct viscosity for colder weather. Protect your engine from freezing by using the appropriate coolant and concentration for your loader.

Check your Tracks or Tires.

    • Prior to operation, visually inspect your loader’s tracks and tires for signs of cracks or damage. Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct PSI as tires with low pressures can lead to decreased loading and pushing capabilities.

Check your attachments.

    • The loader is one of the most versatile machines for winter use with their compatibility with a wide range of attachments being one of the reasons. Inspect all attachments and their components, including hoses, guards, blades, and edges for damage before equipping your loader.

We want to help you get your loader winter-ready for the season. Our team of factory-trained service technicians know the needs of your equipment and can perform all recommended winter maintenance and servicing so you don’t have to.

Book your next winter service with us! Fill out a Service Request form and a member of our Service team will reach out to you or speak to a Service Advisor at your local dealership