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A Truck for All Occasions

Safety Equipment Options Make the Linde Roadster the “Perfect Truck”

With the “Perfect Truck”, Linde Material Handling presents a special edition of its roadster model with optimal visibility. Combining a truck concept unique to the industry with the latest safety features, the material handling specialist is taking the opportunity at the World of Material Handling (WoMH) sector event to demonstrate the many different options that fleet operators have available today to make their operations even safer and their fleet of forklifts even more productive.

What does the ideal forklift look like? What equipment ensures maximum efficiency? What guarantees optimal safety? These are the questions that the product managers at Linde Material Handling had to address. It quickly became clear: The optimal basis for the “Perfect Truck” is the Linde E20–E35 roadster electric forklift truck with a load capacity of 2 to 3.5 tonnes.

World of Material Handling – "Perfect Truck"

And what makes the roadster particularly special: The lack of A-pillar means that the operator has a completely free view of the route and the load to the left and right of the lift mast, while the optional panoramic reinforced glass roof gives them a clear view above. The design gives the Linde counterbalance forklift a unique selling point: The tilt cylinder at the top. It transfers the forces acting on the mast back across the overhead guard.

Maximum Safety and Productivity

But why is the roadster become the “Perfect Truck”? It’s thanks to its optional extras. Starting with the Linde Safety Pilot active assistant system, as well as the Linde TruckSpot optical warning equipment, the new LED Stripes light solution, the integrated fork positioner “View”, innovative CS20 tires, a panoramic reinforced glass roof, and an energy-efficient lithium-ion battery.

“There are an extensive number of different Linde safety and assistant systems available. The ‘Perfect Truck’ demonstrates a wide variety of solutions bundled together in one forklift, providing impressive proof of the range of products and services offered by Linde,” explains Björn Walter, Counterbalance Forklift Product Manager at Linde Material Handling.

Options for Increased Safety

Linde Safety Pilot is vital to the high safety standard of the “Perfect Truck”. The driving assistant system helps the driver avoid tipping accidents by constantly monitoring and displaying a wide variety of truck parameters such as lifting height, load center, load weight, and speed during operation, intervening to regulate operations in safety-critical situations as an “intelligent passenger”. The driver benefits from complete transparency meaning operating and driving errors are avoided effectively.

Linde TruckSpot, the optical warning equipment, projects a large red warning triangle onto the floor behind the forklift truck at a distance of roughly four meters, indicating to pedestrians and other drivers that a truck is on the move so that they can react in good time.

The “Perfect Truck” is equipped with LED Stripes on the mast and at the rear of the truck, illuminating the working environment evenly and over a wide area so that products and goods carriers are visible to the forklift drivers even under poor light conditions. The light strips shine white in the direction of travel and optionally switch to red on the other side.

The aim of the integrated fork positioner “View” is to provide a better view of the prongs and load: Design improvements have expanded the driver’s field of vision, enabling them to put loads into position more quickly, precisely, and safely.

The “Perfect Truck” is also equipped with a lithium-ion battery for maximum availability. Quick interim charging makes time-consuming battery changes unnecessary and ensure significantly longer usage periods, thanks to higher energy density.

To enable optimal performance, the “Perfect Truck” drives on CS20 tires. The L-shaped profile improves traction and low rolling resistance increases mileage, while also ensuring low energy consumption.

“With the ‘Perfect Truck’, Linde is demonstrating what is possible,” says Björn Walter. “Its features are setting standards across the sector. This forklift makes us a hard act to follow!”