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Maintenance Tips for your Heavy Equipment this Winter

Prepare your heavy equipment for winter with these tips from Williams Machinery

We are quickly approaching winter. That means added stress on your heavy equipment from colder temperatures. It could also lead to unscheduled downtime and lost productivity later in the season. Before extreme weather conditions hit, ensure your heavy equipment are in top working condition with proper maintenance and servicing.

Here are our tips to prepare your heavy equipment for the season ahead:

1. Utilize Hydraulic Oils and Engines Oils for Cold Weather

To improve the performance of your heavy equipment, switch to oils formulated for colder weather.

2. Remove Debris from Equipment

Debris left unattended can cause a variety of issues in freezing temperatures. The exterior or your machine can be worn down by salt and dirt. Take care of dirt before it freezes and becomes trapped in your tracks, leaving your machine immobile.

3. Do an Inspection of All Rubber Parts

Hoses, tires, drive belts, and electrical wiring can become damaged in colder temperatures. On a weekly basis, check for cracks and tears and carry spare seals, rubber mounts, hoses, and fittings.

4. Perform a Filter Check

Filters such as fuel filters and air filters should be checked. Inspect fuel filters to ensure they are clean and functioning properly. Air filters should be replaced prevent any unexpected engine issues caused by contaminated air.

5. Do a Coolant Check

To protect your engine from freezing, scale and corrosion, coolant is crucial in the winter. Use the appropriate coolant and concentration for colder weather for your machine.

6. Inspect your Equipment Heaters

Ensure your equipment heaters are functional and equipped before the cold weather hits.

7. Check your Battery

Before winter hits, you should perform a battery inspection. Check electrolyte levels to ensure they are at the full mark. Fully charge your batteries and clean them off.

At Williams Machinery, we want to help you get your heavy equipment ready for this winter. Trust our team of factory-trained service technicians to perform all recommended winter maintenance to keep your equipment working at peak performance all season long.

Speak to a member of your local service department today to book your next service appointment.

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