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The Future of Logistics: Autonomous Forklifts

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Step Down from the Platform and Improve Jobsite Productivity with the Linde’s MATIC Series.

Switch gears and step towards to the future of production and warehouse logistics with Linde’s driverless MATIC truck series. This line-up takes away the tiring transport tasks from employees, increases handling volume, and reduces the likelihood warehouse error and accidents. Built with Linde’s history in superior performance, the MATIC series offers automated control and is equipped with the latest technology. Covering 80% of all production and warehouse applications, the Linde MATIC line up can handling your needs.

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MATIC trucks cover four main areas of application:

  • P-MATIC: Automated tow tractors for goods transportation
  • T-MATIC: Automated pallet trucks for low-level lifting and transportation
  • R-MATIC: Automated pallet stackers and reach trucks for medium to high rack level storage and retrieval
  • L-MATIC: Automated very narrow aisle trucks for work in small spaces and at high rack heights

Advantages of automating your processes


These driverless trucks are engineered to navigate their surrounding with such precision and accuracy that they can safely work alongside people. By detecting people and other obstacles in their immediate environment, these machines smoothly maneuver around unusual obstructions, including fallen pallets. Designed to respond quickly to sudden blockages and obstacles, these trucks have a sturdy brake system to avoid accidents. For further safety and worker considerations, these automated trucks feature an easily accessible emergency stop switch.


Built with an innovative geo-navigation system, these machines can carry out intralogistics tasks with precision and a high turnover. Each machine has four optical laser sensors to complete a scan of its surroundings up to 30 meters out. Additionally, a 3D camera captures the immediate surroundings which enables coordination with other automated trucks. These features ensure the MATIC models operate safely.


Unlike traditional workers, these autonomous trucks are not limited by shift hours and energy levels. To reach maximum efficiency gains, get the MATIC trucks to perform monotonous logistic tasks. Each is designed with an intelligent control software which enables the entire MATIC fleet to be managed in real time. They also enable consistent performance and precision.


For greater ease of use, all MATIC series forklifts and pallet trucks feature a 7-inch LED touch screen. This displays key information to operators including the travel path and the current battery status. Current logistic tasks are also listed in real-time, and updates are provided on its completion status.


Built with Linde’s expertise in performance and durability, you can trust the MATIC series to knock out the job. Each machine is equipped with intelligent robotic control for precise and efficient work outputs.


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Begin investing in the future today with the Linde MATIC Series. Speak to one of our sales representatives to see how these machines can benefit your business and pre-order this series.

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