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Tips to Creating an Energy-Efficient Warehouse

Here are some tips on how to not only cut down on your overall warehouse costs, but also have a positive impact on the environment!

Replace energy inefficient bulbs, such as metal halide bulbs, with linear fluorescent fixtures. Outfit areas such as parking lots, loading decks, and security and exit signs with LED lamps. Consider investing in motion activated or solar-powered lighting. Motion activated lighting, makes it easy to control lighting by only turning on when the lights sensor motion, and immediately turning off when the employee has left that area. If you would like to fully cut your electrical energy consumption, try solar lighting!

A busy warehouse means that there is never a shortage of boxes and plastic lying around! Reuse your packaging by buying a cardboard shredder, and using the scraps as filler for your next shipment. Do the same with bubble wrap – take bubble wrap received from shipments and reuse it for future packages. Ask your employees to be mindful of their waste and have bins accessible to sort through their recyclables before disposing.

Heating and Air Conditioning 
Avoid heating or cooling your building when it is unoccupied. Regularly replace or repair caulking/weather stripping around doors, windows, and other openings to limit the amount of heat or air escaping to the outside. Keep your employees working at a comfortable temperature with evaporate cooling. Evaporative cooling is a popular and inexpensive method which doesn’t require much power and can reduce the temperature to more than 10 degrees.

Zero Emissions = Zero Guilt
Invest in Electric Forklifts as your guilt-free equipment choice in your warehouse. Electric forklifts produce zero emissions meaning the air quality of your space, or the impact they have on the environment. Their battery-powered core means that they’re quiet and won’t add to the noisy warehouse conditions. Electric forklifts also have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance, which makes up for cost of your initial investment.