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Winter Maintenance Tips for your Forklift

Williams Machinery can help you with your winter forklift maintenance.

Winter can be a stressful time for operators and their forklifts. Cold weather means increased fuel consumption, added wear and tear from the environment, and potential safety risks during operation. Maintaining your forklift is crucial to keeping your forklift working safely and at peak performance this winter.

Prevent unnecessary downtime with your forklift with these maintenance tips:

  1. Protect your forklift from the elements
    1. Consider equipping your forklift with an enclosed operator compartment. Not only will the compartment protect the interior from wear and damage, this measure will keep operators safe from the debris and extreme cold.
  2. Inspect your tires
    1. Well-maintained tires allow your forklift to perform to its full capabilities, and operate safely in winter conditions. Before operation, check the air pressure of your forklift tires. Improper tire pressure can cause safety issues such as poor traction when underinflated, or run the risk of bursting when overinflated. Check to see that your tire tread is deep enough to allow for sufficient traction in the snow.
  3. Check your battery
    1. Proper winter battery maintenance should start the season before. Summer weather can cause corrosion and affect water levels in battery’s electrolyte. These issues can reduce your battery’s capacity and longevity in the winter. In addition to checking for signs of wear, test your battery and fully charge your battery prior to operation.

At Williams Machinery, we’re here to relieve some of your stress this coming season. Leave your forklift maintenance to our team of factory-trained service technicians this winter.

Fill out a Service Request and a member of our team, or speak to a Service Advisor at your local dealership, to book your winter maintenance with us.