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Revealing the New Features of Doosan’s 7-Series Wheel Loaders

Maximize your Output and Cut Costs with Doosan’s Redesigned Wheel Loaders

Known for their reliable and durable machines, this new generation of Wheel Loaders is no exception. Compared to its predecessor 5-Series, this line-up of 7-Series equipment is packed with significant improvements. In addition to a brand-new exterior styling, major physical and software upgrades will make you increasingly efficient on the job. Here are five key changes you can expect.

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1. Larger Buckets for Greater Productivity

Maximize your time on crucial tasks and spend less time moving materials. The DL300-5, DL350-5, and DL450-5 have been remodeled to the DL320-7, DL380-7, and DL480-7. Comparatively to their predecessors, these three units have a 7% greater bucket capacity thanks to a larger axle. Capacity was improved with the help of a computer-aided structural analysis to add steel on the frame in key sections.


2. Improved controls, operator comfort, and cab visibility

This series has a smart design that was created with the operators’ needs in mind. Inside the cab, controls are strategically placed to maximize workers’ convenience. The new standard rear-view camera display is equipped with the new Doosan Smart Touch display. This lets operators adjust the position and height of the screen without tools. It has a full glass door, a window glass area that is 14% larger, increased legroom, and a storage area near the USB port for added visibility and comfort. For added convenience, the Doosan Smart Key brings will unlock the cab and enables push-button engine starting.


3. Enhanced Durability

The all new DL320-7, DL380-7, and DL480-7 models use the latest computer-aided structure analysis to make key sections stronger and have enhanced braking performance. Using the latest computer-aided structure analysis, key sections of the box frame were reinforced to increase overall durability. Additionally, the radiator fin spacing was increased 40% to reduce clogging and simplify daily maintenance. Operators can use the Doosan Smart Touch display to adjust settings on the standard reversing fan. The hydraulically driven fan adjusts its speed proportionally to engine compartment temperatures.


4. All New Standard Technology to Cut Costs

The Doosan Smart Guidance System analyzes driving habits and helps operators achieve the most fuel-efficient operation possible. This is possible thanks to the Situation Awareness Technology which automatically adjusts the engine output in real time to the needs of the drivetrain and hydraulics.


5. Customize your Loader

Exclusive to the DL580-7 is Doosan’s all new electric steering option. This includes an electronic joystick integrated to the armrest, which can be customized to operator’s sensitivity preferences.

Doosan Smart Guidance System analyzes driving habits and helps operators achieve the most fuel-efficient operation possible.

A new rear full fender option includes a new lock and release handle that maximizes fender retention in the closed position and allows for easier maintenance.

Standard on the DL580-7, a new automatic lubrication system option offers improved machine reliability. Grease is delivered at the middle of the pins and bushings for better grease distribution.

The updated Load Isolation System option improves vehicle stability while moving which results in reduced cycle times, higher productivity, and better fuel efficiency.



Doosan 7-Series Wheel Loaders are coming soon to your local Williams Machinery dealership. Speak to one of our sales representatives to learn more.

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