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Tips to Rain-Proof your Forklift

Living on the west coast means that you always have to be prepared for a rainy day. A lack of preparation can result in decreased productivity and unnecessary downtime for your business.

Follow these tips to ensure you never have to take a rain check on your seasonal projects.

Maximize Visibility

  • Perform a check of your horn and all lights to make sure they are working correctly. Replace any light bulbs to ensure you have an adequate light source during operation, especially when working in low visibility conditions.

Purchase A Rain Cover

  • Forklift covers are an affordable option to ensure you don’t lose productivity while working in poor weather.

Invest in a Weather-Proof Cab

  • Fit your fleet with weather-proof cabs. Doosan Lift recently introduced their Polycarbonate Sport cab, designed to fit their Heart-of-the-Line forklifts. The cab features a lightweight construction, impact, abrasion and UV resistance, can be easily installed on your existing forklifts, and is built to withstand most weather conditions.

Operate Safely

  • Protecting your equipment in increment weather also means ensuring equipment is operated safely in all weather conditions. When operating forklifts in the rain, ensure you are maintaining a clear line of sight at all times, wearing appropriate rain gear and driving slowly and carefully, for the safety of yourself and those around you.